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The Bottle Book
The Bottle Book
Item# 1-932846-15-8 (Paperback; 320 Pages)

Product Description

By Richard E. Fike

Originally printed in 1987, is designed for the cultural historian, the bottle collector, and those just interested in pharmacopoeia. This book is a guide to the identification of the embossed, patent and proprietary medicine bottles produced in an era of American history when anything could be bottled, advertised and sold legally. A cornucopia of cures, bitters, tonics, and balms, many of them little more and slightly disguised alcohol, were available to the gullible but willing public. Not only are the embossed and shapely bottles of this era highly collectable today, they are also valuable to archaeologists who interpret and date historical sites.

This book has been designed as a reference book. It provided detailed descriptions to aid the researcher in identifying and evaluating whole or fragmented vessels. A discussion of the patent and proprietary medicine years, and the innovations applied to the production of glass, is followed by a brief interpretation of bottles by color, design and shape. Over 40 chapters detail nearly four thousand medicine bottles. Numerous line drawings, and black and white photographs will aid the researcher/collector/anthropologist in the identification process.

Richard Fike, is a retired Bureau of Land Management Archaeologist. Rich is also an historian, writer, teacher and the developer of the Museum of the Mountain West of Montrose, Colorado. He continues to expand the Museum, which contains original and recreated historic buildings that house extensive collections of America's past. He has combined his professional knowledge and his personal interest in historic bottles to provide this authoritative, definitive, and entertaining guide.

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