Digital Avionics Systems: Principles and Practice 2nd Edition

Digital Avionics Systems: Principles and Practice  2nd Edition
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by Cary R. Spitzer

Reflecting the dramatic advances in digital avionics that have occurred since the publication of the first edition of this book in 1987, this expanded and updated second edition provides professionals responsible for the design of aircraft avionics systems as well as students studying avionics with authoritative coverage of the latest innovations in this dynamic field. Covering the avionics systems design process from the definition of requirements to the integration of components and the assessment and validation of hardware and software components, the first half of the book provides in-depth looks at systems architecture, packaging, cooling, electromagnetic interference, cockpit layout, fault-tolerant systems and innovations in artificial intelligence. The second half presents quantitative information on data bus options, cockpit displays and I/O, power, maintainability and reliability, and life cycle costs. Both government and industry standards and guidelines are provided throughout.

"Organizes and integrates the diverse facets of this young field into a self-consistent whole." IEEE Spectrum

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