The Ecology of Running Waters

The Ecology of Running Waters
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by H. B. Noel Hynes

In this reprinted classic (originally published in 1971) Noel Hynes compiled a comprehensive, critical review of the literature pertaining to streams. Included are physical and chemical characteristics of flowing waters, plantlife, the benthos, fish and finally, man's effects on watercourses. The book continues to be widely read and influential in the field.

"Professor Hynes has produced a superb book." Freshwater Biology.

"Dr. Hynes is to be congratulated on writing so valuable a book" The Journal of Ecology.

"This is an excellent book, mainly for the student and professional, to whom it will be a mine of information and sound ideas for many years." New Scientist and Science Journal

"This book is a must for the student of aquatic biology. The book, like the author, can only be held in the highest esteem." The Canadian Field Naturalist

Noel Hynes is Distinguished Emeritus Professor at the University of Waterloo. He received his Ph.D. in 1941 from the University of London. After a period in Trinidad studying tropical agriculture, and wartime work on locusts in East Africa, he was appointed to an academic post at the University of Liverpool. In 1964, he moved to Canada to build the Department of Biology at the University of Waterloo, where he remained until his retirement. His research has been concentrated upon the biology of rivers and streams, and he has published over 180 scientific papers, two scientific books and an autobiography. He has been honored by receiving the Neumann/Thienemann Medal of the International Society of Limnology, the highest honor in his field of work.

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