Geocryology: A survey of periglacial processes and environments

Geocryology: A survey of periglacial processes and environments
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by A. L. Washburn

The publication of Washburn’s original A Study of Periglacial Processes and Environments in 1973 was a milestone in periglacial studies as it was the first really thorough synthesis of the large amount of literature then available.

This second edition originally published in 1980, titled Geocryology: A study of Periglacial Processes and Environments, contains a large amount of new information. It provides a comprehensive overview of frost-action and mass-wasting processes and their effects, present and past. As warming of permafrost is becoming an increasingly important component of global climate change research, this text is also of increasing relevance.

Geocryology is included in the title to emphasize the pervasive influence of ice and its phase changes in these processes. This book is neither a formal text nor a reference manual but something of both and a guide to the enormous literature. The text is illustrated with over 200 photographs and diagrams.

A. L. Washburn was the first executive director of the Arctic Institute of North America. He dedicated his life to fieldwork and the intensive study of the Arctic and Polar Regions in general, focusing on glacial and periglacial environments and Quaternary history of the earth.

Dr. Washburn was Professor Emeritus in the department of Geological Sciences and the Quaternary Research Center at the University of Washington, and former Director of its Quaternary Research Center. He was deeply involved in the establishment of the journal Arctic and was founder and former Editor of Quaternary Research.

REVIEW: " Anyone wanting to buy an excellent and comprehensive account of periglacial processes, will find Washburn’s book so superior to other summaries of periglacial environments that there is simply no alternative.” Geological Magazine, Sept 1980.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Environmental factors
Chapter 3. Frozen ground
Chapter 4. General frost-action processes
Chapter 5. Some periglacial forms
Chapter 6. Mass-wasting processes and forms
Chapter 7. Nivation
Chapter 8. Slopewash
Chapter 9. Fluvial action
Chapter 10. Lacrustine and marine action
Chapter 11. Wind action
Chapter 12. Thermokarst
Chapter 13. Environmental overview
Chapter 14. Environmental reconstructions

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