The Growing Plant Cell Wall: Chemical and Metabolic Analysis

The Growing Plant Cell Wall:  Chemical and Metabolic Analysis
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by Stephen C. Fry

First published in 1988 and now known as a classic.

In this book Stephen Fry describes, in bench-top detail, techniques for the study of primary cell walls in higher plants. Deepening interest in the chelistry and metabolism of cell walls reflects the breadth of their significance in biology. Walls play crutial roles in morphogenesis, growth, disease-resistance, recognition, signalling, digestibility, nutrition and decay. Scientists interested in questions concerning these processes need to know about methods of cell wall analysis. This book was written with these people in mind.

There are 11 chapters as follows: 1. Introduction to the growing plant cell wall 2. Radioactive labelling of cell walls 3. Wall polymers: extraction and fractionation 4. Wall polymers: chemical characterisation 5. Wall biosyntesis 6. Wall enzymes 7. Wall architecture 8. Wall turnover and sloughing 9. Biologically-active wall oligosaccharides 10. Wall tightening and loosening: growth 11. Wall degradation

"Stephen Fry has written an invaluable book on the analytical techniques available in this important research field. This is an excellent book for the typical modern biologist." J. Experimental Biology

"This book will be of considerable value to anyone engaged in the analysis of plant cell walls." Ann. Botany

"For those who intend to do any practical cell wall analysis this book will be an invaluable laboratory manual." Plant Pathology

"As a practical guide to wall analysis this book will be a most valuable tool." Times Higher Education Supplement

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