Handbook of Holocene Palaeoecology and Palaeohydrology

Handbook of Holocene Palaeoecology and Palaeohydrology
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By Björn E. Berglund

The Handbook of Holocene Palaeoecology and Palaeohydrology was originally published in 1986 and has been out of print for many years. The present book is a reprint of that volume, reprinted without changes to either text or illustrations.

The Handbook of Holocene Palaeoecology and Palaeohydrology was a breakthrough in standardizing methods applied in palaeoecology and palaeohydrology. Particular attention was paid to Holocene environmental changes in the temperate zone, but most methods can be applied to older Quaternary deposits and to areas outside the temperate zone. The need for uniform methods of correlating stratigraphical data on a continental scale was emphasized.

There have, of course, been methodological developments and a research expansion during the last 15 years, particularly in palaeolimnological studies. However, the basic methods for palaeoecological research strategy, for sampling and documentation of mire and lake deposits, for dating and for palaeochemical and palaeobiological analyses, are still the same as when the book was published.

The book will be a valuable reference work for those involved in the field of Quaternary paleoecology, including ecologists, geologists, geographers and archaeologists.

"As a handbook this volume leaves little to be desired, whether for the student who needs guidance in techniques or the professional who wishes the latest word on the calibration of radiocarbon dates, the numerical analysis of stratigraphic data, or microscopic analysis of unfamiliar fossils. It belongs in every library and laboratory concerned with the subject." Science

"With 41 chapters and 869 pages, the Handbook of Holocene Paleoecology and Paleohydrology describes almost all aspects of data collection and analysis that might be attempted when sediment cores from lakes and mires are studied. It is a fine reference text that should be in the laboratories of most Quaternary scientists." Progress in Physical Geography

"It will deservedly occupy a prominent position in research laboratories for many years to come." Quaternary Science Reviews

"… should be commended for their efforts in this volume to synthesize methods and research strategies in Quaternary paleoecology. This Handbook will serve as an important reference work for years to come." Ecology

"The lasting impression is of a masterly compendium on Holocene paleoecology and paleohydrology that many will covet." The Quaternary Research Association Newsletter

Björn E. Berglund was a professor in, and head of, the Department of Quaternary Geology at Lund University from 1971-2000. Since then, he has been professor emeritus in the same department.

Dr. Berglund is a Quaternary palaeoecologist who has made significant contributions to the knowledge and understanding of environmental change since the last glaciation. He has specialized in: revegetation related to climatic change during the time span 15 – 11, 000 years BP in southern Scandinavia; the timing and pattern of Holocene vegetation changes in Scandinavia; the impact of long-term human occupation during the past 6000 years in southern Scandinavia and its correlation with other parts of Europe; Holocene Baltic Sea development.

During the 1980s, Dr. Berglund was the main leader of an interdisciplinary project concerning the impact of long-term human occupation in southern Sweden, which has thrown new light on the interaction between human society and the environment. This project has become a model for related projects in Europe generally. He was also the main leader of the International Correlation Project 158 B on palaeoecological and palaeohydrological changes in Europe since deglaciation. It led to an increased collaboration between palaeoecologists in Europe, particularly between Western and Eastern Europe. Multidisciplinary methods were emphasized in this project and this handbook was one of the main outcomings of this project.

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