Manual of The Southeastern Flora

Manual of The Southeastern Flora
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By John Kunkel Small

This is a reprint of the 1933 edition of the Manual of Southeastern Flora by John K. Small. Earlier editions were published in 1903 and 1913.

In 1550 pages the volume provides an exhaustive description of the native and naturalized plants growing naturally in the southeastern United Sates south of North Carolina and Tennessee and East of the Mississippi River.

It is a classic of the botanical literature.

The species are grouped in genera, families, and orders and are so arranged and described that they may be identified by means of the analytical keys and synopses given under each group, mainly by a study of the morphology of the flowers and fruits.

John K. Small was a botanist and taxonomist most renowned for his research on the flora of the southeastern United States, particularly Florida. Born in January 31, 1869 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Small studied botany at Franklin & Marshall College and Columbia University. After receiving his doctorate from Columbia, Small served as the curator of the institution's herbarium. In 1898 he moved to the newly founded New York Botanical Garden, where he remained until his death in 1938. He personally collected over 60,000 specimens for the Garden's collections.

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