Mountain Sheep and Man in the Northern Wilds

Mountain Sheep and Man in the Northern Wilds
Mountain Sheep and Man in the Northern Wilds
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By Valerius Geist

Originally published in 1975.

In Mountain Sheep and Man in the Northern Wilds Valerius Geist, a renowned scientist, sensitive observer, and natural storyteller here recounts his experiences among, and reflections upon, the magnificent bighorned sheep of the Canadian wilderness, where he lived and worked year ‘round. The book presents popular science in the best sense -- beautifully written, unmistakably accurate, innovative and thought provoking.

In the book, Dr. Geist focuses on cold climates to study animal behavior and its implications for man. He makes valuable contributions to our knowledge about aggression and dominance and offers new insights into the impact of ecological factors upon the anatomy, physiology and behavior of man as well as beast. He looks critically at the role of early and modern man as hunter and tells delightful stories about his own adventures in working with big-game animals. His splendid photographs capture his enthusiasm for the land and the sheep. Finally, he ponders the lessons that urban man can learn from zoological theory so that he may better live within his ecological means.

"To the names Fraser Darling, Murie, Schaller, Carpenter and Goodall must now be added Geist." Science

"This book is about wilderness, animals and people. These subjects are woven together in a way that will curl your toes. Geist is an excellent writer; he has a probing mind a tempered wit and an ability to convey a total experience. Be sure to read this one." Frontiers.

"Geist writes surpassingly well." Canadian Field Naturalist

"This is a very well written book that will intrigue the most ingenious thinker. It reflects originality and provides accurate and interesting reading to anyone interested in wild animals." Journal of Wildlife Management

"This book is immensely thought provoking." Mammal Review

Valerius Geist is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, where he also received his Ph.D. He is professor emeritus of environmental science at the University of Calgary.

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