Mosses: Utah and the West

Mosses: Utah and the West
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By Seville Flowers

This title was first published in 1973 by Brigham Young University Press and is a classic of the bryologic literature.

Flowers (1900 1968) was a researcher, a writer and a professor of botany at the University of Utah. He specialized in bryology and phycology and was President of the American Bryological Society.

Mosses: Utah and the West made a substantial and original contribution to our knowledge of the mosses of the western United States. Before Flowers began his extensive bryologic research, Utah was considered to have a relatively small and uninteresting moss flora because of its generally low rainfall. This book however, treats 256 species in 77 genera and 18 families; a large proportion of which were discovered in Utah for the first time by the author.

The beautifully executed and original illustrations form one of the finest features of this book; Seville Flowers became an extraordinarily accurate and skillful bryologic artist through the years.

Mosses: Utah and the West is a monumental work on mosses of Utah and contiguous areas, providing keys, illustrations, descriptions and information on geographic distribution and habitats and detailed observations by Flowers.

This book will be useful to bryologists, foresters, ecologists and other botanists. It will serve as a guide to the moss flora of most of the intermountain region.

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