On Becoming A Professional Geographer

On Becoming A Professional Geographer
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Edited By Martin S. Kenzer

This book was first published in 1989 and is now reprinted.

The book is divided into 5 sections

- Graduate School

- Beyond Graduate School

- Writing

- Editorial and Grant-getting Secrets

- Academic Survival

"When this book was published in 1989, it was immediately recognized as meeting a disciplinary need. There has been a tendency in academic geography to believe that our students attain a necessary degree of professionalism as a simple byproduct of fulfilling degree requirements. In fact this is seldom the case. On Becoming a Professional Geographer was the right tool at the right time. Kenzer’s collection provides a valuable introduction to a fundamental tool set for aspiring geographers. The first section of the book addresses many of the basic challenges for surviving and even prospering in graduate school. I would recommend these readings to anyone seriously interested in graduate education in geography – at least in North America. The second section concerns getting a job, including a review of opportunities and challenges for neophytes. Section three contains the chapters that I recommend most often to my own students. These are concerned with the arts and skills associated with writing. Several of our discipline’s best share their experiences and advice. The suggestions and guidelines are sound, and are produced in a style that is accessible and encouraging. This section alone makes the book worthwhile reading. The fourth section concerns survival in academia. I wish I could have read this twenty years ago. Now it just reminds me of dead ends that could have been avoided.

There is little in the content of this book that will not have aged well. The reprinted book will make this resource available to another generation of geographers who stand to benefit substantially from the examples and advice provided. Any geographer will find something of value in On Becoming a Professional Geographer. For some, the book will make life a whole lot easier." Douglas Sherman, University of Southern California

"On Becoming a Professional Geographer explains the processes by which articles are written and published, grants are evaluated, and positions are filled. The book is a unique resource for socializing geography graduate students into the discipline and - more generally - the norms of academia as an institution. I use several chapters in my seminar for first-year graduate students, and the book invariably leads to thoughtful insight and lively discussion regarding the role of the geographer in the academy, the non-academic workplace, and society at large." Philip E. Steinberg, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Florida State University

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