Plant Anatomy

Plant Anatomy
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By James D. Mauseth

(Paperback; 574 Pages)

Plant Anatomy, written in 1988 as a textbook mainly for undergraduates, is conversational and explains the functioning and the evolution of plant structures rather than just name them. To be more understandable for students, it focuses on the most widely-accepted theories of structure and function. The more peripheral theories are mentioned only where they would help a student understand structure and function.

This text contains numerous diagrams, photographs, micrographs (both light and electron microscopy), but the emphasis is on light microscopy of the types of cells and tissues that an undergraduate student would see in their own plant anatomy labs.

Plant Anatomy covers all tissues and organs of seed plants (all vegetative and reproductive organs) and tries to use familiar plants as examples such that undergraduates can more easily understand what they are reading. This text covers fundamental aspects of ferns and lycophytes as part of discussions of the evolution of plant structure but does not cover them in great detail. This text is not an all-encompassing encyclopedia suitable for use as reference manual for researchers,

The glossary too was written to be more conversational, easy for an undergraduates to understand.

Table of Contents:
Part I: Subcellular Anatomy
Part II: Simple Tissues
Part III: Complex Tissues
Part IV: The Primary Vegetative Body of the Plant
Part V: The Secondary Body of the Plant
Part VI: Tissues and Organs of Sexual Reproduction

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