Principles of Lake Sedimentology

Principles of Lake Sedimentology
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By Lars Hakanson and Mats Jansson

Originally published in 1983, this was the first comprehensive textbook of lake sedimentology. It describes the principles and processes determining how the sediments reflect and affect the character of lakes. From a multi-disciplinary perspective, it defines and discusses fundamental physical, chemical and biological sediment parameters. It covers the sedimentologic mechanisms in the lake water, on the lake bottom and within sediments. The book also stresses the role of sedimentology in lake management and control, with a special focus on nutrients and metals.

“The book should be welcomed and read by limnologists of many persuasions and it will be invaluable for workers in the fields of aquatic pollution and the environment. It could also serve as a textbook for advanced limnology courses and altogether may end up as a classic within its field.” Freshwater Biology

“Overall I enjoyed the book very much. It stimulated me and forced me to question many of my own views on sediment dynamics. The book is a major contribution to this relatively new field." Transactions of the American Fisheries Society

Dr. Lars Håkanson (PhD in physical geography 1972, Uppsala University, Sweden) has been a professor in sedimentology (recent processes) at Uppsala University since 1992. He has been Chairman of IAEA´s international aquatic program on Validation of Model Predictions (VAMP), 1988-1994, a member of the delegation for the Åland Foundation for the Future of the Baltic, 1989-1995 and Director of the International Association for Sediment Water Science (IASWS) 1981-1996. He was President of IASWS 1990-93. He is a member of the editorial boards of Environmental Geology and Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management. He was awarded The Linné and Alfort Prizes for 1979. Dr. Håkanson has published 450 scientific papers and reports, including 13 international textbooks, 21 books/theses in Swedish and 20 contributions in international monographs.

Dr. Mats Jansson (PhD in limnology, Uppsala University, Sweden) is a professor in physical geography, Umeå University, Sweden. He had written extensively and is the author of about 100 scientific articles and reports.

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