Taxonomy of Flowering Plants

Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
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By C. L. Porter

(Paperback; 484 Pages)

First published in 1959 and updated in 1967, Taxonomy of Flowering Plants was created to provide a factual and simplified account of basic principles needed by beginning students in a course in taxonomy together with illustrated descriptions of more than a hundred families of flowering plants representative of the North American flora. The text assumes that the students have had some introduction to plant science. It is intended for undergraduate students in the study of agronomy, range management, forestry, wildlife management and conservation.

The text is divided into three parts: Part I, dealing with historical and theoretical aspects and with terminology and morphology; Part II, dealing with orders and families of monocotyledons; and Part III, dealing with orders and families of dicotyledons.

Dr. Cedric Lambert "Ted" Porter (1905 2000) completed his B.S. and M.S. at the University of Michigan. He became Professor of Botany (1929-1943) at the University of Wyoming. In 1937 he became assistant curator of the Rocky Mountain Herbarium and in 1943 he became, and was, Curator until his retirement in 1968.

Porter published more than 40 scientific papers, "Spring Flora of Southeastern Wyoming," and eight fascicles of "A Flora of Wyoming" (ferns and fern allies, gymnosperms, angiosperms: monocots, dicots through Fumariaceae; Englerian system). In 1951 a distinctive sagebrush, endemic to the Wind River Basin, Wyoming, discovered by Porter was named in his honor by Arthur Cronquist: Artemisia porteri.

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