The Textbook of Pollen Analysis - IV Edition

The Textbook of Pollen Analysis - IV Edition
Item# 1-930665-01-6 (Hardcover, 328 pages)

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by Knut Faegri, Johs. Iversen, Peter Emil Kaland and Knut Krzywinski

This book is a reprint of the fourth edition, published in 1989, of the Textbook of Pollen Analysis and is unique in its approach as it discusses both the practical and theoretical aspects of palynology. It uses palynological techniques as tools for solving problems in quaternary geology, ecology and archeology.

This edition of this standard reference has the same objectives as the earlier ones but the objectives have been widened, particularly the archaeological.

There are over 130 illustrations and the identification keys have been thoroughly revised and are now illustrated.

"Will certainly benefit all in understanding the principles of pollen analysis. All students, palynologists and libraries should have it as a text book for reference." Marine Geology

"Classic and much-used text book ... will remain an indispensable book for those interested in paleoecology and practicing pollen analysis." The New Phycologist

"Unsurpassed in its restriction to basic principles, breadth of coverage, clarity of expression and emphasis on ecology." Review of Paleobotany and Palynology

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