Vegetation of New Zealand

Vegetation of New Zealand
Vegetation of New Zealand
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By Peter Wardle

New Zealand, with its long isolation from other lands and latitudes extending from subtropical to sub Antarctic, has a unique flora and highly diverse vegetation.

This book is a comprehensive description of that vegetation, ranging from its origins to the major communities within which the plants exist.

The text, supported by over 300 photographs, maps and diagrams, has made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of the biology of these islands.

This is a reprint of the volume originally published in 1991.

Chapters 1 – 4 describe the New Zealand environment, flora and fauna. They discuss the origin, relationships, life forms and reproductive aspects of the indigenous vegetation. Chapter 5 is a synopsis of vegetation types, habitat classes and environmental processes; it also serves to define the terms that are described in the book. Chapter 6 contains an outline of the geographic divisions of the country. Chapters 7 – 9 offer expanded descriptions of plant communities, preceded, where appropriate, by information on their structure and characteristic species and genera. The concluding chapters discuss ecologic functions and processes.

Vegetation of New Zealand is an essential book for botanists, ecologists, conservationists and others who love New Zealand’s plants, animals and landscapes. There will also be a large audience outside New Zealand. Its natural vegetation is unique; because of this and the longevity of its evolutionary history, it has always attracted considerable global interest.

"The breadth of scholarship displayed by Peter Wardle is impressive. The book as a whole is remarkably readable; testimony to that comes from this reviewer who read all 672 pages in one day and was still captivated at the end!" Annals of Botany

"A simple title and a great achievement. This is a great book and a major achievement by the author. It will be a source book for many years to come." Vegetation

"This book is a magnificent successor to Cockayne’s original Vegetation in New Zealand." Biological Conservation

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